After Care

Protective wraps/coatings are designed to protect and preserve your vehicle’s value. To maximize the effects of Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Pro, simple maintenance is required to properly treat and support the treatment. 

Washing Your Vehicle


Washing your vehicle regularly is extremely important, when it comes to maintaining your protective treatment. To ensure you get the best results out of your protective treatment, there are a few things you should know before you wash your newly protected vehicle.

How to Properly Hand Wash

1. Pre Rinse: Spray tire cleaner onto rims and wheels, and allow time for the cleaner to penetrate, as recommended by product. Using a hose or power washer, heavily rinse the whole vehicle with clean water, to remove excess dirt.

3. Rinse (Optional With Step 2): Rinse vehicle thoroughly to remove any remaining APC (all purpose cleaner) on surface with clean water.

5. Final Rinse: Rinse vehicle thoroughly to remove any remaining soap on surface with clean water. Be sure to also flush areas such as window trims, gas caps, lights, and edges clear of any soap.

2. Spray with All Purpose Cleaner (Optional): Spray car generously, and allow cleaner to rest for about 1-2 minutes.

4. Washing: If available, use foam cannon power washer attachment to heavily soak vehicle with soap to lubricate vehicle. With a wash mitt or sponge begin to wash vehicle panel by panel starting at the top of the vehicle using the “Two Bucket” Method.

6. Dry: Starting at the top of the vehicle use an air blower to blow off any water on surface. After, using a microfiber towel, soft cloth, or specialized drying towel final dry off your vehicle of excess water to avoid water stains. Double check under mirrors, gas caps, rear bumper luggage area, door jambs, and crevices for excess water.

Paint Protection Film

Post Installation and Curing

Once you have received your Paint Protection Film, you may notice a few temporary moisture spots as PPF is a wet application. Bubbles, water stains, and smudges are a normal side effect of the film installation process. It is critical that one does not try to remove these, as this may permanently damage the film. The wet and soapy installation process may cause these temporary flaws, and they will evaporate within 2-3 weeks.


When washing your vehicle, it is important to remember these things:

  • Do not use an Automatic Wash or a car wash that uses brushes
  • If hand washing, use the “two bucket” method
  • When using a pressure washer, stand approximately 3 feet away from the vehicle to avoid damaging film
  • Remove bugs, bird droppings, and tree sap immediately
  • Scratches and/or marks will heal naturally over time

Ceramic Pro

Post Installation and Curing

After the Ceramic Pro has been applied to your vehicle, it is critical to follow these notes to make sure it performs to it’s best ability.The curing process takes about 2-3 weeks to complete and reach it’s peak strength. It is important you do not expose the vehicle to water for up to 48 hours after installation. Do not wash your car for 2 weeks after installation. Avoid getting the vehicle excessively dirty, to the best of your ability. Avoid parking under trees, to avoid sap, and remove bird droppings, bugs, sap, or pollen immediately. Do not wash or abrade the paint.