When looking for businesses, I look for communication and service. They had it all! From being friendly to informative. I went in to many shops around sterling asking for a chrome delete on my Q60 but none provided like EVW. Michelle was super welcoming and informative on what days I could drop off the car. I had many questions as I’m just a college student with a budget looking to elevate my car and Michelle was friendly all the way. I dropped the car around opening time (9 AM) and picked it up around closing (5 PM) The quality speaks for itself. HIGHLY RECOMMEND 🙂

David K

Was referred to these guys by a neighbor, but I shopped around for alternatives, nonetheless. Ultimately, I obviously decided to go with Exotic Vehicle Wraps (EVW) for the work. The team at EVW really set the bar for responsiveness, transparency, efficiency, value, quality, and all around customer service. Quite honestly, it has been a minute since I’ve had this satisfying of a customer experience (I swear I was not begged or bribed to write this review). Bobby & the team got me a competitive bid for the wrap, accommodated/coordinated other work that required third-party providers (powder coating the wheels and ordering black Range Rover lettering & new black lug nuts online) which he passed through to me at cost. Furthermore, he didn’t charge me any extra despite the exceptional headache he encountered when we realized my recently purchased used vehicle was conveyed without the wheel key, which ultimately required him to force off the wheel locks and ruin four sockets in the process (as well as take time and effort to contact a Land Rover dealer to explore the option of obtaining a wheel key through them first). When I picked the vehicle up, not only did I love the work that was done, but Bobby made sure to talk with me for ~30 minutes to discuss how to clean/wash the wrap and answer every other imaginable question I was able to come up with. Afterwards, Bobby even emailed me professional looking photos (attached), which came in handy when I wanted to show my vehicle’s new look to family & friends. Again, all around great experience. These are absolutely the guys to go with.

Thad P

This place is very fairly priced, they went above and beyond a providing me service. They were very professional, and catering to the customer, guiding me through every step of the process, and very open to showing their Process every step of the way. And what great service it was I asked them On a Thursday to come up with a design and get the car wrapped before I went to the race track the next Thursday. I dropped off the car Monday and they got it done by Wednesday noon. I highly recommend them and I will be returning customer for all my other vehicles.

Eric W

Absolutely unbelievable experience. Quality is 10000% higher than any wrap I’ve ever experienced. The level of craftsmanship, care, professionalism is top shelf all the way. well worth ever penny. These guys were rated as one of the top 2 Wrap companies in the entire Eastern half of the US….now I see why. I even called wrappers on the West Coast and THEY !!!! even recommended EVW !

Incredible attention to detail and the level of finish is impeccable. Bobby walks you through the entire experience and recommends ONLY what you NEED, and fully explains what you may WANT….folks, that’s how a professional company should treat you. I am still in utter disbelief at the outstanding job, communication level, and service we received. I WILL be using them again. I have owned well over 70 high end sports cars (Porsches, Ferraris, Corvettes, Vipers, race cars, etc) they did my Aston Martin….just incredible service and reputation. Thanks again Bobby and all the great team members at EVW…your reputation is well earned and justified.

Bill G

I got my chrome delete done here for my Tesla and wow, I’m so pleased with the service and work I received here. From the moment I called, Michelle helped walk me through the process and pricing. She was so friendly and kind. When I came in person, she was very welcoming, helpful and professional. The shop is so clean and well designed. Their are free beverages and snacks which were nice and the waiting area was so comfortable. Now in terms of the work done. I couldn’t be happier. You can tell they are precise, meticulous, and want to do a perfect job. The work and customer service was so good that this will be my go-to shop for any work I do for my car and future cars. Thanks again for everything!

Matthew O

Phenomenal customer service, and a super high-end finished product! Took our ’22 Bronco in and we were wowed by the incredible job EVW did, including super fine attention to details, and obvious pride in their work. Everyone we interacted with was friendly and easy to work with and we really felt well treated. Love the new wrap and all the compliments we get on it!

Chris N

If you have been lurking on a car forum or Reddit, wondering if paint protection is worth the investment, but do not have a supercar, read on!


After 2 years of contemplation, I committed to a full-vehicle PPF on my VW Golf R. Early verdict? While it’s early to tell how lasting the protection is, it was stress-free driving through road salts & debris. It’s already proving to be resistant against light scratches.


Here’s why I believe EVW is one of the best teams in all of Virginia and Maryland. First of all, they don’t take the size of the investment like PPF or protective coating lightly. Once the commitment is made, I have no doubt you will enjoy more or less the same experience every customer enjoys. The film costs the same per unit squared feet and doesn’t care if it’s on a McLaren or a VW, right? I was thrilled to hear that the team had a lot of fun working on my car like it’s their own. The entire team is professional and attentive.


Secondly, a purchase this large isn’t just about one invoice — it’s about the relationship and any future needs of the car and the customer. From intake to pick-up, EVW showed that’s what they care about. They earn your business for years to come and you earn access to a top tier care team for your car. Even if you do everything right, you can never perfectly predict a hazard on the road or while the car is parked. Things happen. Or, you may decide to upgrade your PPF package. You may decide to add a layer of ceramic or graphene coating. You know you can just give them a call.


Last, but most importantly, not only are Bobby and his team extremely good at what they do, they have the experience and the resource to handle individuality of each job and improvise in a way that yields the best outcome possible without unreasonable extra cost or time. Every decision that needs to be made is clearly communicated to you in a responsive manner, so make sure you ask questions, voice any concerns, and give feedback or approval when appropriate. The shop is organized. Conrad and his production team orchestrate their resources effectively.


Timeline? After being referred to EVW, I reached out again in September when I decided to commit. Anisa was extremely helpful & responsive while I was figuring out the schedule for a body shop appointment that needed to be done first. Based on many exchanges I had with EVW and another happy customer around the corner from me, I went with their full package, paid the deposit and secured a December appointment. During the wait, I ended up adding ceramic coating for the new wheels I had just bought. Speaking of which, that part of Sterling has a network of specialized automotive shops that do business with each other, so that’s an added benefit of using EVW. Just ask and be prepared to be surprised by how accommodating & resourceful they are. I had my dents pulled and tires mounted & balanced all through their business partners (and those shops are equally reputable and good at what they do). The whole job took about 12 days.


Not only do I look to their expertise and connection, I look forward to going back to EVW for all of my car’s exterior (and interior) needs. So whoever reading this, I hope you feel more confident making the decision.


I recently took my new 2023 Range Rover to have Paint Correction, PPF and Ceramic Coating treatment completed by EVW. The quality of the work by the team is amazing and Bobby is a true class act and takes pride in the services EVW performs. Highly Recommend!

Ryan M

Exotic vehicle wraps did my 15 S550 Mustang With gloss black accents and did an amazing job,  I recommend exotic vehicle wraps to anyone trying to enhance the look of their ride.

Bobby C

EVW is a first class place with first class service and work. I got the Gold-tier ceramic coating on my 2023 Torch Red C8. They know exactly how to make cars look their best. Conrad spent a lot of time at delivery going over everything and answering all my questions. I almost felt bad for keeping him so long! They went above and beyond on what they delivered to me. My permanent go-to place for any work I need in the future.

Michael R

Amazing experience. The team was really helpful fitting my really tight schedule. The job is amazing. The matte PPF is invisible and looks exactly like factory paint. Thanks for your beautiful work!

Guillaume L

Had the shop do gloss black vinyl on my roof and ceramic coat it, along with adding a spoiler cap. It came out looking great and I couldn’t be happier. Conrad went above and beyond to make sure everything was done right. The service there is top notch and you couldn’t ask for a more friendly and nice staff. I highly recommended Exotic Vehicle Wraps if you need some quality wrap work done. Best in the area! Nice, clean shop and the staff were professional, courteous, and friendly. Bobby was a great help and made sure all my questions were answered. I only got a protective layer done, but I saw the cars they were working on and the ones that were already finished up and it’s top notch! I’ll be coming back when it’s time for my car to get a wrap. Definitely recommend!

Thomas B

Bobby/EVW Team, I just wanted to say how happy I am with the final product. The racing stripe; and black gloss roof/spoiler/diffuser wrap, completed the look I was going for with my 3 Series BMW. When I saw the final product, I was floored, as it looked AMAZING! Your guys absolutely knocked it out of the park! Ethan and Reuben were extremely personable/professional, and their ideas for my concept truly took it to the next-level. They are gifted at what they do, and I could not be more pleased.

Mike B

Great service and they all know what they’re doing!  Definitely would recommend them to anyone who wants to wrap, protect, tint, they are all professionals.  I got some carbon fiber fenders for my car done by them ppf-ed; they did a great job!  Even after a month, when I noticed there was slight bubbling in the ppf film, they were able to fix it asap!  They definitely care about their customers.  Car enthusiasts be ensured you’re going to a professional shop that really do a good job.

Uddi D

Reuben you’re the best.. Top notch customer service.. He actually listened to what I had to say when I was going over details about my car and what I was looking for.. the shop and personnel was clean and very professional.. The name really does fit this establishment. I can’t wait to get my Caddy wrapped here.. I felt really comfortable and secure that I will receive the upmost quality service in the future..

Takisha C

The team at Exotic Vehicle Wraps did a phenomenal job on my AMG C63 S.  They transformed my tamed Simba into a classy, yet strong Mufasa. I had badge removal/replacement, wheels painted in a satin finish, chrome deletion, and powder coat protectant.  I opted for the chrome deletion and completed the project with ceramic window tint.  All of this with no significant mods.  Reuben kept me apprised and I’m more than happy with how this thing turned out!

Ali H

Outstanding from start to finish. Whether it’s the front of the house like Tami or the technicians that do amazing work this place is top-notch. They’re not your cheapest option in town but when you see the quality of their work and the quality of the vehicles their customers then trust them with you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Dave W

I found EVW through a referral.  Tami meticulously explained the various protection processes.  With her expert guidance, I opted for full protection of my Tesla X.  Scheduling was a cinch and results exceeded expectations.  Now I enjoy easy maintenance using the fine products available to protect the car.  Thanks Tami and EVW!

Michael M

They Team is Awesome we worked together to develop a  1of1  Customization that has me smiling through my mask every time I walk up to it!! I loved my truck already now I Love Love my truck!!!

Russell D

Fantastic service and expert technicians.  Best shop I have used.

Murray C

Top-level professionals that really take pride in their work and backs it up. From Bobby the manager to Reuben, Ethan and Tami, the entire team is focused on providing the best level of service possible. They did an awesome job on my Durango SRT. They installed a full front PPF and stripes on the hood. Full Ceramic Pro including the wheels and powder coated the exhaust tips. Nothing they can’t do. They even were able to get my dashcam setup installed. Loved the result! Looking for the best then go with EVW!

Jon H

Our experience with Exotic Vehicle Wraps was amazing. From the beginning, Bobby and Tami were extremely responsive to our questions, and this continued throughout the project. The work itself was top-notch, and I’m not sure there is a better shop for wrapping a vehicle. Our Jeep looks amazing, and we definitely will be using Exotic Vehicle Wraps again in the future. We give them our highest recommendation!

Jeep Wrangler KPMF Matte Perfect Black Chief Edition
Josh M

I could go on and on about how terrific Bobby and the entire team at EVW is! They’ve helped me with a few projects over the past years and there is simply no other place I would ever take my cars. Most recently helping me out with wrapping all the chrome pieces on my Abarth (which turned out even better than I could have imagined). They are extremely professional, knowledgeable and friendly throughout the entire process. I highly recommend them for wrapping, paint protection etc. if you want the best!

Tesla Model 3 STEK Gloss Carbon Center Console
Sami T

EVW is my place to go to take care of my car! I wrapped my car two years with the guys and I kept returning back for other services such as getting wheels, wash and coating. Bobby and his team are definitely the best in the area, not only that, they treated me as friend not as customer every time I visit. Sadly I am leaving NoVA soon and won’t be coming here anymore but I will definitely drop by to visit if I am in the area.

Rakan A

From start to finish, EVW delivered on all expectations.

My project specifically had several components that other wrap companies weren’t quite familiar with. I ended up deciding to wrap my F80 in INOZETEK (supergloss vinyl) and couldn’t be happier.
The team at EVW was easy to communicate with and they were genuinely excited to help me execute my vision.

Some other items to mention– PPF film on front bumper and side skirts ontop of the vinyl. STek PPF tint film on headlights and tail lights, and some edits to my badges. These guys know what they’re doing.

BMW M3 Inozetek Gloss Khaki Green
Marisa M

After getting my Mercedes Benz GLE 43 AMG window’s tinted from a local company I asked the manager to refer me to a shop who could powered coat my wheels and dechrome my vehicle to give it that black out look. He immediately suggested EVW and provided me with a business card. What can I say? I was provided the “white glove” service from day 1 by Reuben and Bobby. Incredible timely service and impeccable attention to detail. I’m a executive high level recruiter so I know and practice customer service daily. WELL DONE EVW!!!

Grant C
The Exotic Vehicle Wraps team were a pleasure to work with and they did an excellent job on my 2019 Stinger. They were professional, responsive, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone thinking of getting a wrap!
Phillip B
The team at Exotic Vehicle Wraps are phenomenal. Their professionalism and expertise are remarkable. My car looks like the current model year. Thanks for everything!!!
Gareth D

I recently had my new Tesla Model 3 wrapped by EVW and it turned out awesome. The craftsmanship was detailed, service and recommendations on the type of wrap and protection were very professional throughout the entire process, and cost was reasonable. Can’t tell you how great the finish looks! Thank you to the entire team!!! James B.

James B

Recently worked with EVW on a project and had the most seamless experience. The communication and support were both top notch throughout the process. Will only consider them for any future work on my vehicle.

Terrence M

Supra GR – Bobby, Tami and team were great to work with, a job well done and amazing customer service! I would recommend Exotic Vehicle Wraps to anyone looking to protect they’re vehicle. Thanks guys!

Samuel S

Had my car wrapped along with ceramic coating and PPF. Great attention to details & very good customer service! I am very satisfied with the product and would definitely recommend this place to a friend.

Leo Y

Before deploying to Afghanistan in April, I stopped by EVW to discuss getting my car wrapped. They worked with my while I was abroad and took care of my vehicle, and kept me informed the whole time. Reuben and Tami were both great to work with, and have continued to stay in touch well after the job. The customer service is unmatched, the wrap is incredible, I need another car so I can get that wrapped too!

Jacob D

Just picked up my Model S and all I can say is wow! These guys are the real deal. Kept me updated every step of the way and did such a great job with the paint protection film that I can’t even tell it’s on there! They even cleaned my car inside and out and charged it up for me before arriving! The whole team was awesome. True professionals. Treated like royalty from booking to pickup.

I work in the car business and have already started referring my clients to them.

You guys rock!!

Steven K

Did a front PPF on my Corvette, plus Scrape Armor install, and facilitated a full window re-tinting. Everyone was very friendly and helpful, and the quality of the work was excellent.

Thank you!

Jeremiah T.

I took my Model 3 in to EVW to get quite a bit of work done. Calipers painted, badges painted, interior and exterior wrapped, chrome delete, and tint. The tint shop they work with is top notch, and got the tint done very fast. I was kept up to date throughout the entire process, and even changed my color choice the day I took my car in. They were extremely accommodating, kept me up to date throughout the entire process, and did an absolutely amazing job on the car. I could not be happier with their work, and will definitely be coming back, either with my wife’s car, or to make some additional edits to my car.

Brent B.

The Exotic Vehicle Wraps team not only does great work but also provides excellent customer service! From providing information on the type of services to set up to communication of the work being done. Outstanding experience!

Ramsey M.

After some great email conversation with Reuben I decided to personally pay them a shop visit. From the moment I stepped foot inside I was warmly greeted by the young lady at front desk, and what impressed me even more was receiving a tour of entire shop by Reuben. I got to see some super high end cars in mid application and the quality of hundreds of different colored vinyl. It was an extremely enlightening experience that anyone contemplating a wrap at their shop should request. Even speaking with the Reps who conduct this talented art was very impressive. They even took the time to look over my F and calculate an approximate figure on what I’m seeking. Exotic Vehicle Wraps is one hell of an excellent Company ran and staffed with the best in the industry.

Brendan F.

The whole team at EVW is spectacular. They helped me pick a color pallet that would match my crazy requests. Thank you so much for everything!

Isaac U.

The Team at Exotic Vehicle Wraps always does an amazing job on our vehicles. They recently completed work for us a Lamborgini and BMW M4. They always exceed expectations in terms of design and quality of materials and most importantly, installation. I highly recommend EVW for all your vehicle protection needs.

Steve F.

I used exotic vehicle wraps to have a brand new 2018 Range Rover Supercharged completely wrapped in a stealth or matte wrap and then have a ceramic pro coating on the wrap and wheels. I was halfway across the country and had purchased my car new from a dealer in the DC area. Some of my concerns were obviously quality of the work but also storage so that the car could be safe until work started and until car could be picked up. I also wanted a shop that could do the work and not leave their mark on the brand new interior in the process.

Their work was flawless the car looked perfect and the general manager Bobby was extremely helpful in not only communicating the project to me but also even arranging the car to get picked up enclosed from the dealer as I requested as well as  getting it to a tint service to be done off site once their work was complete (I wanted to have everything completed before I had the car shipped).

Once the car arrived it was in brand new condition as if it had just come off the assembly line in terms of the interior. As far as the exterior, the work looked amazing. They did not cut any corners and the result was a wrap that looks like the original paint finish. People are constantly asking me if I had the car painted in the matte black finish. They are always surprised to learn its a wrap.

I have now owned the car for over a year and the work has held up extremely well. It still looks as good now as the day I received it and water still beads every time it rains.

I would highly recommend exotic vehicle wraps to anyone considering having work done on their car and would definitely use them again for my next project.

Thanks Bobby and everyone at Exotic Vehicle Wraps!

Aaron H.

EVW did an amazing job on my new 2019 Volkswagen Golf R. They have a high-end professional team and honest customer service. Dial-in your car at EVW!

Russell F.

EVW IS THE ONLY OPTION EVER. If you want things wrapped, filmed, or coated; this is the only place for that.  Go to EVW, and you won’t have any issues ever!

Matt B.

The best in the business! I have been going to Exotic Vehicle Wraps since they were located in Maryland and I can say they are by far the best, most professional, and detail oriented shop I have experienced. I’ve been in the moding game for over 15 years and I haven’t experienced a shop like them. I have taken over a half dozen cars to Exotic Vehicle Wraps and they have always met or exceeded my expectations every time. I’m also neurotic when it comes to my car so that is saying something. I now live in DC and travel to Dulles for their services on all my cars (6 series, 5 series, M3, etc.). The team including Bobby, Nate, Ethan are reliable, diligent, experienced and above all else treat my cars as if they were their own. Refreshing to see people in this business that understand customer service and provide a quality product.

In summary, I would say EVW is differentiated based on 4 key factors:

– True car enthusiasts that love what they do
– Workmanship and attention to detail
– Customer service oriented culture
– Reasonable pricing

Borna E.

Bobby and the team are very professional. I had my taillights wrapped on my Subaru WRX and they did a phenomenal job on it. The taillights were done SUPER clean and looks factory. If you are considering getting a wrap done, but are unsure of where to go I promise you will not be disappointed with the quality, amount of detail, and professionalism of Exotic Vehicle Wraps. They are by far the best in the area and I highly recommend them to anyone. I won’t hesitate to give them my business again!

Kenchanh B.

EVW is a true class act. Absolutely outstanding work quality, ethics, and customer service. They make you feel as if you are there only client and will work with you whatever your needs are. I can personally say I’ve never experienced such excellent service. 10/10
EVW sets the bar for how a business should treat its customers.

Jafar A.

I took my Tesla to EVW for chrome delete and ceramic coat and they did a fantastic job. They are very meticulous with their work and staff is very helpful. During the entire process they kept me in the loop and everything came out perfect.

Joey H.

Worked with my schedule and answered all my questions and concerns. Would recommend this place. Got full ceramic coating and front ppf on my Tesla model 3. They even work with a local company to offer tinting at the same time.

Matt P.

Exotic Vehicle Wraps is a true high-end shop. I haven’t seen many of these; there are a lot of shops that charge high-end rates, but don’t deliver high-end service. EVW delivers high-end service.

Tami is super helpful and responsive, even for OCD types like myself. I left my car with EVW for 1.5 weeks and requested frequent pics of the progress, which she texted to me.

Bobby, Ethan, and co did a great job applying side stripes and over the top stripes on my Porsche GT4, as well a Ceramic Pro “Silver” coating on the car, as well as a full coating on my brand new wheels. The stripes were slightly more complicated than normal stripes, as they included two different materials: wet applied matte black and a dry applied red accent. The final look is fantastic.

They went above and beyond in several ways, including cleaning off my old wheels that came off the car and wrapping them up for me so that I could send them home with my mother, easing my logistics. They also helped me color match a set of decals that I got from elsewhere, even though it meant no additional $$ for EVW; they did it because they provide high-end service.

Price-wise, they are comparable to other supposedly high-end shops; I have no hesitation recommending EVW as they provide truly high-end service, at reasonable rates.

Anu B.

I had my Tesla wrapped just recently and couldn’t be happier. I have never so much compliments on it. The work is truly outstanding with great attention to detail. Highly recommended. Thank you guys again!!

Fadi H.