Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find a wide variety of answers to common questions in regards to our film application process.

If you do not see an answer to your question, please call or email and a representative will be able to further assist you.

Average Price

Pricing will vary from every vehicle and no project is the same. Finalized pricing is done in person, specific to that vehicle, and is susceptible to change if no consultation is made prior. Full wrap packages begin at $3,999 and may range up to $5,999+ for standard applications depending on add-ons and accents. Chrome wrap pricing begins at $8,499 and may range up to $14,999+ also depending on project variables and additional add-on services to preserve the chrome finish.

Are Wraps Cheaper Than Paint

Quality color change vinyl wraps on average can be a very similar price to a quality paint job and is not always a paint replacement answer. High quality film installations are best suited for brand new vehicles to receive the benefits of a new color, preserves the brand new paint of the vehicle, and also allows for the film to be removed at a later date safely in the event of trading in the vehicle or seeking a new color.

Project Timelines

Standard exterior full wrap packages on average take 1 week to complete from a Saturday to Saturday timeline. However, as every project in different some may take up to 2 or 3 weeks depending on complexity and size. SunTek Full Front End PPF Packages average 3 days to complete whereas full SunTek PPF packages may take up to 1 to 2 weeks, similar to color change wraps. In the event of additional services to best complete your project such as ceramic coating, window tinting, wheel powder coating, dent removal, and others please allow for added time.

Vehicle Condition for FIlm

Final outcome with film can only be as perfect as the condition of the surface it is installed to. Unsuitable conditions for film are rust, primer, weak clear coat, and poor aftermarket paint. Standard rule of thumb is if the surface is smooth to the touch, the film will show smooth post application. In the event of rock chips, door dings, and dents they should be addressed prior to application for best results.

Colors Available

There are currently countless colors available in gloss, satin, and matte finishes. Custom colors may also be created with custom print tones and laminates. Specialty colors also include carbon fiber, brushed steel, chameleon / iridescent, chromes, and more. Do note that vinyl is limited to the colors available to the manufacturer and matching OEM paint codes is extremely rare.

Film Lifespan

Average life-span for colored film applications when executed properly by Exotic Vehicle Wraps and maintained properly is 4-10 years. It is important to keep the vehicle clean to ensure residue is not left on the film for an excessive amount of time which can cause stains. Please ask your Exotic Vehicle Wraps representative for specific instructions on cleaning films or visit our After Care page for more information on proper maintenance.

Ceramic Coating on Film

Ceramic Coating is highly encouraged to keep your film looking brand new for years to come with minimal maintenance! This long term hydrophobic sealant creates a slick surface (similar to a freshly waxed paint job), deepens gloss levels of the film, guards from stains of bird droppings, and also assists with light scratches.

Will Film Damage Paint

Provided the vehicle has OEM paint, film application is notably safe and will protect your existing paint condition until the film is desired to be removed. Please understand aftermarket paint is not warrantied and may cause clear coat peeling during application or upon removal.

Film Thickness and Properties

Color change film is a PVC base and on average is 3.2mill-4.5mill thick depending on the color and manufacturer. SunTek Ultra is a urethane based film and is 8mill thick.

Vehicle Resale Value

Wrapping your vehicle or installing paint protection to the OEM paint will maintain your resale value by protecting the surface from natural day to day hazards such as rock chips, tree sap, bird droppings, acid rain, UV rays, bugs, road tar, artillery fungus, and more.

When Should I Install Film on My Vehicle

The best time to install film to your vehicle would upon purchasing or shortly after to receive the full benefits of the film. As time goes on, vehicles can show wear and tear from daily driving which can cause rock chips, paint contaminants, scratches, and other blemishes which may need to be repaired prior to film application for best results.

When Should I Remove Film from My Vehicle

Film typically may be left on the vehicle for the lifespan of the film which for color films are 4-7 years and paint protection film 10 years. Exotic Vehicle Wraps only uses the highest quality materials available making defects uncommon but in the event of signs of fading, cracking, yellowing, spotting, or other noticeable film imperfections it is best to contact EVW before removing the film. Depending on the product the film may be under warranty and is best removed by EVW for the cleanest and safest removal.

Color Change Wrap Process

When it comes to color change wraps, Exotic Vehicle Wraps provides the most extensive process from start to finish to ensure the highest quality installation to be enjoyed for years to come. All full wraps include an extensive detail to extract all contaminants from the surface, removal and reinstallation of exterior body panels to ensure the film is properly tucked and adhering to a clean surface, knifeless tape installation to ensure no cutting of the paint, interior detail post installation, 100 point diagnostic and installation final check, and backed with a 1 year customer satisfaction warranty.

Paint Protection Application Process

Paint Protection installations are executed very similarly to our color change process as the film is installed 100% custom and without pre-cut templates. This allows our staff to produce an average result of 25% extra coverage making our installations the most optically clear available.

Film Maintenance

Maintenance for film in general is much easier than caring for paint. It is recommended to use touchless car washes or hand wash to ensure no edges are compromised with abrasive brush washing; this also ensures no scratches are created from brushes as well. Be sure to add the Ceramic Coating Package to your installation for even easier long term ease of maintenance. Visit our After Care page for more in depth information on caring for your vehicle.

Ceramic Coating Maintenance

Caring for your ceramic coated vehicle will be much easier than an uncoated surface but is very important to only hand wash and use recommended products to maintain the manufacturer warranty. To also retain the manufacturer warranty an annual inspection and re-flash is also required prior to the year application date. Visit our After Care page for more in depth information on caring for your vehicle.

Damaged Film Replacement

In the event of an accident, door ding, or excessive rock chips the film compromised may typically be replaced without having to reinstall film on the entire vehicle. In the event of the film showing more than average wear and tear years down the line, there may be a slight color tone difference from new film to old film which will often even out in color over time.

Accident Insurance Coverage

Depending on your current coverage it may be necessary to call and inform your insurance provider of the new treatment your vehicle has received to ensure it is covered in the event of an accident. Most commonly insurance companies are able to work with certified body shops to sublet the re-application of your treatment covered under insurance. In the event of an accident it is best to contact Exotic Vehicle Wraps to assist in the logistics of your repair.

Do I Need to Update my Registration Color

In the DMV area it is not required to update your registration to reflect the new color of your vehicle wrap as the vehicle is still the same color under the film. Some laws may vary by state and if you are outside of the DMV area it would be best to check with your local law offices.


As all films are different in terms of colors, please be sure to check with your Exotic Vehicle Wraps representative on the exact warranty of your color. Average warranty for color change products through 3M, Avery Dennison, and KPMF is 3 Years against material defects such as excessive fading. SunTek carries a 10 year manufacturer warranty against material defects such as yellowing. Exotic Vehicle Wraps carries a 1 year Customer Satisfaction on all film installed which covers any peeling, bubbling, and other factors which can be traced back to the initial installation. Exotic Vehicle Wraps however cannot warranty any damage sustained to the vehicle from day to day usage or accidents incurred outside of our facility.