Exotic Vehicle Wraps is a true high-end shop. I haven’t seen many of these; there are a lot of shops that charge high-end rates, but don’t deliver high-end service. EVW delivers high-end service.

Tami is super helpful and responsive, even for OCD types like myself. I left my car with EVW for 1.5 weeks and requested frequent pics of the progress, which she texted to me.

Bobby, Ethan, and co did a great job applying side stripes and over the top stripes on my Porsche GT4, as well a Ceramic Pro “Silver” coating on the car, as well as a full coating on my brand new wheels. The stripes were slightly more complicated than normal stripes, as they included two different materials: wet applied matte black and a dry applied red accent. The final look is fantastic.

They went above and beyond in several ways, including cleaning off my old wheels that came off the car and wrapping them up for me so that I could send them home with my mother, easing my logistics. They also helped me color match a set of decals that I got from elsewhere, even though it meant no additional $$ for EVW; they did it because they provide high-end service.

Price-wise, they are comparable to other supposedly high-end shops; I have no hesitation recommending EVW as they provide truly high-end service, at reasonable rates.