I’ve taken two Tesla Model 3s here for full wraps, tint, ceramic coating and interior accents. I’ve got more work scheduled too. They’ve helped me same day multiple times, like when I took delivery to help me make sure my paint was okay. My first Model 3 was practically the base model, and they still gave me the same service as the guy with the McLaren. The customer service, especially with Bobby and Tami who I’ve talked to mainly, is top notch. I originally skipped the customization for my first car. That car came out better than new, and it was super easy to keep it looking the way. For the second car, I got into the customizations with a matte finish, some accents, tint… and more to come. The restyling these guys are doing — check out their social media — is best in class. I’m on the forums looking at cars everyday, and I honestly rarely see the same level of craftsmanship and creativity: unique accents, gold dust, wrapping inside of door jams, themed passion projects… EVW is the right shop if you want to protect and/or restyle your car. Also if they can’t do a certain job, these guys know the reputable place to refer you to.