Windshield Protection

Bray Windshield Skin® was started to solve a simple problem – to eliminate windshield damage and the costs and inconveniences of replacement. From humble beginnings as an automotive tuner shop in the early 90’s, to present day leader in high-performance laminated manufacturing, the Bray brand has stayed endlessly committed to pushing the envelope of excellence and innovation in the automotive industry. Today Bray is proud to be the world’s only windshield protection manufacturer with a total of 9 different products specifically developed for windshield protection.



Advancing the traditional 1-layer windshield protection, the Bray Eco Skin® utilizes its hard coat technology to increase product life, while also providing a cost effective windshield protection system. Bray’s 1-layer system is a viable entry point into windshield protection.

  • 5 to 12 month life expectancy
  • Originated from first windshield protection product that was developed back in 2006
  • Optically clear and metal free to provide zero interference with today’s high tech windshield systems
  • The balance between cost and quality.  Advanced technology is standard.

Product Life Span

Other windshield protection products are a disposable product and have a set life expectancy. Bray products come with the highest graded hard coat and give the longest life span per layer of material available. Bray offers many different types of material so make sure you pick the material that best fits your needs. The easiest method to extend your windshield protection layers’ life is to follow and maintain the correct cleaning process. The wrong cleaning process can cause hard coat lift, increase scratching, increase wear and tear and heighten the risk of visual impairment.



Each layer of material lasts 5-12 months, depending on maintenance and environmental conditions. Windshield Skin® 2-layer material will last twice as long and at a minimal additional cost. Our new Windshield Skin® System employs a 2-layer system that makes all windshields safer and more convenient to use. Because it sits right in front of you on your vehicle, Bray’s Windshield Skin® is made to the absolute highest quality and clarity. For example, the optical-grade, scratch resistant hard coat is an incredible crystal clear 6H+ hardness. Bray’s 2-layer system also lets you remove a worn, single layer within seconds – by simply grabbing the top layer and pulling across the windshield. Now the damaged layer is removed and a completely new layer is exposed and ready to protect your windshield out on the road.

  • Each layer of material lasts 5-12 months
  • 2-layer system
  • Optical-grade scratch resistant hard coat


The pioneer of the windshield protection industry. Bray’s 2 Layer Windshield Skin® PLUS System employs a 2-layer material along with a No-Scratch Warranty program, giving it a total of 4 layers of material at no additional cost. The optical-grade, scratch-resistant hard coat is an incredible crystal clear 6H+ hardness. Bray’s 2-layer system also lets you remove a worn, single layer at a time. Now the damaged layer is removed and a completely new layer is exposed and ready for the road.

  • No-Scratch Warranty
  • Guaranteed 18 month life expectancy
  • 20 to 36 month life expectancy
  • The world’s only street use, 2-layer windshield protection with No-Scratch warranty
  • The only program that offers a total of 4 layers of material

Standard Product Warranty

Bray Group International warrants that our products will be free from any defects in manufacturing and only for the original vehicle they were installed on. Exclusions to this warranty include wear due to severe abrasive conditions, chemical contamination, such as spilled gasoline, bleach, vehicle accidents, misuse, abuse, incorrect installation, incorrect use, etc. See warranty for full standard warranty coverage.