I used exotic vehicle wraps to have a brand new 2018 Range Rover Supercharged completely wrapped in a stealth or matte wrap and then have a ceramic pro coating on the wrap and wheels. I was halfway across the country and had purchased my car new from a dealer in the DC area. Some of my concerns were obviously quality of the work but also storage so that the car could be safe until work started and until car could be picked up. I also wanted a shop that could do the work and not leave their mark on the brand new interior in the process.

Their work was flawless the car looked perfect and the general manager Bobby was extremely helpful in not only communicating the project to me but also even arranging the car to get picked up enclosed from the dealer as I requested as well as  getting it to a tint service to be done off site once their work was complete (I wanted to have everything completed before I had the car shipped).

Once the car arrived it was in brand new condition as if it had just come off the assembly line in terms of the interior. As far as the exterior, the work looked amazing. They did not cut any corners and the result was a wrap that looks like the original paint finish. People are constantly asking me if I had the car painted in the matte black finish. They are always surprised to learn its a wrap.

I have now owned the car for over a year and the work has held up extremely well. It still looks as good now as the day I received it and water still beads every time it rains.

I would highly recommend exotic vehicle wraps to anyone considering having work done on their car and would definitely use them again for my next project.

Thanks Bobby and everyone at Exotic Vehicle Wraps!